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1Excellent corrosion resistance: Stainless steel, anti-corrosion alloy or anti-corrosion coating is adopted for the parts requiring contact with materials.

2Easy Maintenance:Complete overall turnover cover design allows flip angle of over 90°; overall structure of basket is exposed for easier cleaning of the machine and replacement of the filter cloth.

3All-directional online cleaning and disinfection: CIP online cleaning system is configured to complete all-directional cleaning and disinfection of the inner cavities, meeting the GMP standards and the requirements for cleanliness.

4Advanced structural design: Enclosed modular structure is adopted to avoid contamination caused by belt-worn dust and foreign matters.

5 Precise polishing is adopted for the parts requiring contact with the materials and no sanitary dead angle exists inside the equipment, meeting the GMP standards.

6Equipment has low gravity center, small floor covering area and is easy to maintain.

7 Variable-frequency startup and stepless speed regulation are designed to ensure stable operation and low failure rate.

8Internal nitrogen filling structure and nitrogen protection system are configured to meet the requirements for explosion protection in occasions involving toxic, flammable and explosive materials.

9Wide application scope: It can be used for the separation of not only suspensions containing solid particles but also fibrous materials. Manual discharging for better grain protection

10Wide application scope:It can be used for the separation of not only suspensions containing solid particles but also fibrous materials. Manual discharging for better grain protection

Main Configurations

Big turnover cover: hand-controlled reducing mechanism or hydraulic drive.

Base: foundation platform and stainless steel liquid damper.

Washing mode: washing pipe, atomizing & washing pipe, CIP online cleaning system.

Filtering medium: imported sintering screen, filter cloth, etc.

Flip cover configuration: overall turnover cover + small turnover cover, explosion-proof sight class with lamp, diluting pipe, observation mirror, feeding pipe.

Electric configuration: PLC control, variable-frequency (VF) control, electric control cabinet (ordinary type and explosion-proof type), motor (ordinary type, explosion-proof type, VF type and energy saving type), field operation box (ordinary type and explosion-proof type). Nitrogen protection system, oxygen content detection system, liquid seal, gas seal, etc.


PQLD series centrifuges are applicable to the solid-liquid separation in the clean areas with certain requirements for sanitation. Being aesthetic in appearance, high in manufacturing technology, stable in operation, easy in maintenance, and complying with the GMP standards and high requirements for sanitation, this product has been broadly applied in pharmaceutical production, food production and fine chemical engineering and other industries.

Scope Of Application

PQLD series centrifuges are suitable for the washing and solid-liquid separation of suspensions containing solid particles, with the particle size of 0.02mm~5mm and solid content above 10%, 50% to the maximum.

This product is commonly used for the treatment of gypsum, ammonium sulphate, mirabilite, ferric sulphate, copper sulphate, nickel sulphate, potassium chloride, acetic acid, borax, soda, rubber additive, dye, starch, sugar, vitamin, antibiotic, herbicide, insect repellent, copper, zinc, aluminum, acid discharge gypsum, metal refining, sludge after water purification, sludge in sewage, and other kinds of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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