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1PLC control for long-distance monitoring; touch-screen operation and human-machine dialogue for easy maintenance and operation.

2Action elements with automatic electric-pneumatic/hydraulic control.

3 Safety protection, includes rotation speed monitoring, over-vibration protection, cover opening protection, motor overload and overheat protection, dual control with both mechanical and electrical for scraper.

4Welded machine case, strong and rationally design structure.

5 All seals are made of the fluorous rubber and silicon rubber.

6 Independent hydraulic station can be installed separately, convenient to repair.

7 Driving with hydraulic coupling (GK1250 and bigger) for stable start-up and simple control, effectively protecting the motor from overload-related damage. Optional inverter start-up for variable speed control.

8Floating platform with rubber vibration-absorbing foundation; Liquid -damping vibration absorber is also available with excellent effects of absorbing effects, ensures stable operation of the centrifuge and reducing hazards imposed to the equipment and environment from the centrifuge vibration.

9Two discharging modes available: chute discharging featuring simple construction; and discharging through scroll conveyor and scraper featuring high catching rate of solid cake and effectively prevent blocking.


This type centrifuge is continuously rotating and intermittently operation centrifuge. It can be either automatic control or manual control.

The whole process of operation including materials feeding, separating, cleaning, dewatering, discharging and filter cloth recycling can be achieved at full speed. Single cycle of processing materials is shortly but with large quantity. The solids cake can be well dried and cleaned.


It is widely used in such industries as chemical, food, light industry, pharmaceutical, etc. It is suitable for separating suspension containing large-size or medium-size or small-size particles, such as sulphuric ammonia, carbonic ammonia, PVC, etc.

Model GK600 GK800 GK1000 GK1250 GK1350 GK1600
Basket Dia (mm) 600 800 1000 1250 1350 1600
Basket length (mm) 325 450 400 600 680 800
Filtering area(m2) 0.61 1.13 1.57 2.45 2.88 4
Basket Volume (L) 45 100 165 355 465 700
Max. Loading (kg) 60 135 220 460 600 930
Rotation Rate of Basket (r/min) 2400 1550 1400 1200 1200 950
Separation factor 1935 1076 1098 1008 1088 808
Power of Motor (kw) 22 30 38 55 55 90
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