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1Fully-enclosed and clean structural design complies with cGMP requirements and meets requirements for aseptic production of medicine and food.

2Clean room installation design realize flexible connections and complete separates the dynamic systems such as the motor drive and hydraulic lubrication from production area such as the basket, case and feeding/discharging devices and the wall.

3PLC control for automatic operation is in accordance with the pre-set program. Touch screen operation, realizing human-machine dialogue, which is easy for operation and maintenance.

4Action elements like feeding, filtration, washing, dry spinning, discharging and residual cake removal is with automatic electric-hydraulic control.

5 Big hinged cover design makes it easy to clean all parts in the basket and the operation zone. Quick-opening hydraulic locking device ensures easy and reliable operation.

6Inverter control realizes stepless speed regulation of the basket. Flexible process time set for feeding, washing, filtration, discharging and residual solid cake removal and purging.

7 Liquid-damping vibration isolators without floating platform ensure stable operation of the centrifuge.

8Dual shaft seal structure design protects the clean room from contamination of lubrication oil and other pollutants. All seals are made of the fluorous rubber and silicon rubber.

9Multiple safety protection system: includes rotation speed monitoring, over-vibration protection, cover opening protection, motor overload and overheat protection, electric-hydraulic interlocking protection for cover locking device, scraper limit protection, main shaft temperature rise protection, lubrication oil failure protection and other devices.

10With high-quality stainless steel material of construction for the centrifuge and high-grade mirror finishing surface treatment, which meets the requirements for anti-corrosion and sanitation.

11With high-quality stainless steel material of construction for the centrifuge and high-grade mirror finishing surface treatment, which meets the requirements for anti-corrosion and sanitation.

12Gas counter-blow device helps removing the residual solid cake while scraping.

13 CIP system and spray cleaning bolls mounted on the internal/external surfaces, basket bottom, discharge hopper and cover effectively remove the remaining solid from the basket and the interior of the housing.

14Fully-automatic online monitoring nitrogen protection system ensuring the centrifuge operates at positive pressure of inert gas, and if necessary, online oxygen volume analyzer may be provided so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof.

15 Online sterilizing device can be configured (VHP), carry out the online sterilization for centrifuge inner cavity and pipeline.


GKF Peeler Centrifuge is filter type centrifuge with continuous running and batch operation, GMP requirements have been full taken into consideration in structure and system design, batch time is short, its processing capacity is large, it may achieve rather dry sludge(Filter cake contains low moisture) and good washing effect.

Clean room installation fully separates the working area from machine stand, drive, hydraulic, lubrication device, it is allocated with nitrogen protection system, CIP system, PLC program control, inverter start -up, high speed resistance dynamic braking.

Feeding, filtration, washing, dewatering, discharging and regeneration of filter cloth, CIP, nitrogen protection are operated by pre-set programs. The control system includes automatic control and manual control.


GKF pharma peeler centrifuge is suitable for solid-liquid separation for hazardous, toxic and flammable medium with small viscosity and high sanitation requirements. It is mainly used in solid-liquid separation of medicals and food industries.

Model GKF800 GKF1000 GKF1250 GKF1600
Basket Dia (mm) 800 1000 1250 1600
Basket Length (mm) 400 500 625 800
Basket Volume (L) 100 172 340 690
Max. Load (kg) 125 240 425 950
Max. Rotating speed (r/min) 1600 1400 1200 950
Centrifuge Force 1145 1090 1007 808
Motor (kW) 30 37 55 90
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 2500*1600*1800 2800*1800*2000 3820*2450*2100 4200*2700*2800
Weight (kg) 5500 8500 16000 20000
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