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Vacuum belt filter machine is a high efficient solid-liquid separation device absorbed advanced technology at home and abroad, it is able to auto-filter, wash cake, discharge sludge, regenerate cloth and collect mother liquor and washing liquor in section. It features high efficiency, large productivity, low water-content of cake, simple operation and easy maintenance, widely used in solid-liquid separation for metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering, paper mill, food, pharmaceutical, coal washing, environmental protection industries.

1 Continuous and fully automatic operation, large processing capacity.

2 High reduction of sludge volume for saving of transport cost

3 High dewatering performance due to an convenient arrangement of the rollers

4 Using the latest advanced technology, add one more independent concentrated device based on normal type belt press,significantly increased the ability of water removal.

5 High working capacity (150% of normal type), low moisture content of filter cake(10% less than normal type), low working cost(30% lower than normal type).


1 It makes full use of gravity and vacuum suction to separate the liquid from the solid, especially for tailing processing.

2 Fully automatic, no need operator, high working efficiency, saving labor cost and energy consumption.

3 Simple and easy to operate and maintain.

4 Using a fixed vacuum box: rubber belt moves on the box and form the moving seal together with box, the sealing water can be functioned as the lubricant as well as the coolant.

5 Horizontal surface:this design assures regular cake thickness which provides flexibility of operation.

6 The bearing way of the tape: this machine equipped with rollers, which can reduce the friction when rubber belt works, long service life of belt.

7 Modular frame structure: it ensure that rubber belt can be installed easily,dismantled easily, and maintained easily.

Structure of horizontal vacuum belt filter
Model Filter area(m2) Width of belt(mm) Air consumption(m3/min) Total length(mm)
SFV500 5 500 16 14200
SFV600-4.8 4.8 600 16 12200
SFV600-6 6 600 20 14200
SFV1000-8 8 1000 26 12200
SFV1000-10 10 1000 28 14200
SFV1000-12 12 1000 30 16200
SFV1300-13 13 1300 30 14200
SFV1300-18.2 18.2 1300 38 18200
SFV1500-18 18 1500 36 16200
SFV1500-20 20 1500 40 17500
SFV1800-18 18 1800 38 14200
SFV1800-25.2 25.2 1800 45 18200
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