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1Upper type direct driving for motor; rotating center for drive and drum coincide with machine center, with smooth and stable operation.

2Liquid damping vibration absorber: No foundation for installation facilitates operation and maintenance.

3Large length-diameter ratio, big loading capacity.

4Rigidly joint between base and case, offering simple and compact construction.

5 Independent bearing seat, large bearing support span, low basket gravity center, larger carrying capacity.

6Driving without belt, ensures no friction dust.

7 Fully-automatic operation program control, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

8Nitrogen protection system is available for explosion-proof application.

9Optional configurations

10Feed type: Side feed through single or multiple nozzles

11Scraper discharge: hydraulic

12Motor drive: Motor driving General motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion motor

13 Safety protection: Nitrogen protection (anti-explosion) system, vibration protection, mechanical and electrical interlocking protection, overload protection, material level detection

14Surface treatment: Mirror finishing, matt finishing, and dulling.

15 Outlet hopper: Diameter and height can be configured according to the requirements of customers

16Residual solid cake treatment: Roller-aided scraper, Air counter-blowing, Air blow device on scraper

17Program control: Programmable control

18Nitrogen protection system: Automatic nitrogen supply device, oxygen detection device, hydraulic sealing device and gas-liquid separator

19Coating treatment: HALAR lined and PE lined


PAUT series of centrifuges are applicable to washing and solid-liquid separation of suspension media containing solid particles, as well as solid-liquid separation of media containing a crystalline solid phase,which can be widely used. This product is commonly used for the treatment of gypsum, ammonium sulphate, mirabilite, ferric sulphate,copper sulphate, nickel sulphate, potassium chloride, acetic acid,borax, soda, rubber additive, dye, starch, sugar, vitamin, antibiotic,herbicide, insect repellent, copper, zinc, aluminum, acid discharge gypsum, metal refining, sludge after water purification, sludge insewage, and other kinds of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Items Models
PAUT1250A PAUT1250B PAUT1320 PAUT1500 PAUT1600
Basket Dia (mm) 1250 1250 1320 1500 1600
Basket Volume (L) 281 450 490 653 970
Max. Load (kg) 380 610 660 880 1300
Max. Rotating speed (r/min) 970 970 900 850 850
Centrifuge Force 658 658 598 607 647
Motor (kW) 22 30 30 37 45
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 2100*2000*2235 2100*2000*2600 2100*2000*2600 2600*2350*2700 2700*2350*2900
Weight (kg) 4500 5000 5500 8500 10000
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