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1High pressure filter press have higher filtration pressure, lower moisture content of filter cake.

2The filtration speed is faster, it always used in sludge treatment, ceramics, high-voltage porcelain, oil and other industries, the filtration pressure can be 32Mpa.

3Automatic hydraulic maintaining pressure, manual plate shifting, simple and easy operation.

4Main beam is made of high quality cast iron with sand blasting processing and it is of high intensity and corrosion resisting.

5 The filter plate is made of pure reinforced PP, resistes to stronger corrosion and endure high pressure and service longer, and every plates is tested under high pressure 27 MPa.

6Kinds of filter cloth will be selected based the actual material conditions.


High pressure filter press machine is mostly used for the mud filtration of soil mineral and the solid liquid separation of waste water treatment and other industries.

The dewatering effect and capacity is higher than ordinary filter press and other filtration equipments, the lowest moisture content of filter cake.


High pressure filter press machine is applicable for clarification and filteration of liquid and can be adopted widely in many industries including chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, etc. Especially for processing clay slurry, Kaolin, ceramic slurry.

Model Filtering area(m2) Plate outline Size (mm) Thickness of filter cake(mm) Number of plate(pcs) Filter chamber volume(L) Filtering pressure Outline dimension (L*W*H) (mm) Weight(kg)
XMY800 20 800 30 20 255 1.0-1.2 3300*1100*1060 3346
30 30 377 3780*1100*1060 3590
40 40 499 4300*1100*1060 4554
50 50 621 4820*1100*1060 5150
60 60 753 5340*1100*1060 5510
70 70 875 5860*1100*1060 5760
80 80 1000 6200*1100*1060 6860
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