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1High automatic degree with 24 hours continuous working,larger processing capacity,better dewatering effect.

2Gravity dewatering zone matched with advanced distributor,making materials distribution and extending the use life of filter belt.

3 The material of filter belt is 100% polyester,meet the health standard.

4These device ensures the normal and safe operation of belt filter press.

5 Adopting high efficiency nozzle and cleaning mechanism to washing filter automatically.

6Safety protecting device and full range of emergency stop device ensuring it's safe and reliable in operation.

7 This machine has a strong adaptability for fluctuations of the concentration of the material.

8The roller are arranged scientific and orderly,getting better dewatering effect,large juice yield,high solid content of cake.

9It adopts advanced technology device and reasonable structure,rigid structure,smooth operation and low noise,the parts which need manual operation has a low height,convenient to operate.


DYF type belt filter press is widely used in the juice industry of berries, nuts and various vegetables, it adopts multi-stage folding rod pressure and multi-stage pneumatic roller pressure, large pressing force, high juice rate. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high energy saving and automation, automatic feed in and out, continuous working, strong versatility, full pressure filter, low water filter content of filter cake, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is a kind of juice pressing equipment with high juice rate.

The use of such juicing equipment can increase the juice yield by 20 ~ 30%, and the juice yield is as high as 70 ~ 75% (depending on raw materials), which can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

For example: apples, pears, wheat seedlings, carrots, blueberries, pickles, mulberries and other fruits and vegetables of large-scale extraction of juice.

This equipment can also be used in food, chemical industry, environmental protection, light industry and other industries of some powder and pulp objects pressure filtration dehydration.

Model Capacity(t/h) Main motor power(kw) Total power(kw) Belt size(mm)
DYF-3 3 3 21.37 11800*800
DYF-5 5 3 21.37 11800*1200
DYF-10 10 4 22.37 14320*1750
DYF-15 15 5.5 39.87 17000*2000
DYF-20 20 5.5 39.87 17000*2500
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