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1 No need irrigation water, suction up to 5 meters, head up to 70 meters, the outlet pressure > 7bar.

2Wide flow and good performance, allows the maximum particle diameter of 10 mm.

3The pump has no moving parts, no seals, diaphragms exhausted medium and pump running parts, working medium is completely separated from the transmission medium does not leak out. So pumping toxic, volatile or corrosive media, will not cause environmental pollution and danger to personal safety.

4No need electricity, flammable and explosive places safe and reliable.

5 It can be immersed in the material.

6Easy to use, reliable, open stop simply open and close the gas valve.

Simple structure, less wearing parts, simple to install, easy maintenance.

It can transmit the adhesive liquid (viscosity less than 10,000 cps)


1 Chemical industry: acids, bases, solvents, suspensions, etc;

2 Petrochemical industry: crude oil, grease, mud, sludge, etc.

3 Paint industry: resins, solvents, colorants, paints, etc.

4 Daily chemical industry: detergents, shampoos, lotions etc;

5 Ceramics: mud, ceramic slurry, lime, clay slurry.

6 Mining industry: coal slurry, magma, mud etc;

7 Water treatment: sewage, chemicals, waste water etc;

8 Food industry: vinegar, syrup, vegetable oil, soybean oil, honey, etc;

9 Beverage industry: yeast, syrups, concentrates, liquid mixture, wine, fruit juice, etc;

10 Pharmaceutical industry: solvents, acids, alkalis, plasma and other liquid medicines.

11 Textile industry: chemical dyes, resins, rubber and so on.

12 Construction: water slurry, ceramic tile adhesives, rock pulp, etc.

13 Metallurgy, casting and dyeing industry: metal slurry, hydroxides and carbides will, dust washing pulp etc;

Model QBK-15 QBK-25 QBK-40 QBK-50 QBK-65 QBK-80
Max. flow rate(L/min) 57 151 378 568 568 1041
Discharge pressure(bar) 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4 8.4
Sucked lift(m) 6 6 6 6 6 6
Max. allowance particle size(mm) 2.5 3.2 4.8 6.3 8 10
Max.air consumption(L/min) 672 1120 2240 4900 4900 9100
Material SS304, SS316, Engineering plastics, PTFE etc.
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