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The square plate filter machine is applicable to the process operation with the requirements of fine filtration and semi-fine filtration such as purification,sterilization and defecation with sealed filtration in the liquid with low viscosity and little slagging content under the concentration of 50%,widely used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry and food etc.
1, Simple and easy to operate, equipped with pump and motor, convenient to use. 2, The user only need to connect the feeding hold and filtrate discharge hole before start operating. 3, Except the motor, the other parts are made of high quality stainless steel 304 corrosion-resistant material, high temperature-resistant, durable and long service life. 4, The filter plate is square type, SS304 material, no deformation, easy to clean, thus it can effectively increase the service life of various membrane, thereby reducing and saving production costs. 5, All the parts have been installed with the sealing ring, no leakage, good sealing performance. 6, When working, pressurized sealed filtration, without liquid material loss, good liquid clarity effect. 7, Different filter media for choice, such as filter cloth, filter membrane, filter paper etc, can meet different filtration accuracy requirement.
The plate filter machine is suitable for industries such as biological products, medicine, brewing, food and beverage, tobacco, water treatment, petrochemical, environmental protection, etc., for precision filtration, clarification sterilization, purification treatment, etc. It can also filter the injection, infusion and other liquids in the pharmaceutical industry with good performance.
Model Layer Filtering area(m2) Size of filter plate (mm) Filter media (μm) Filtering pressure (Mpa) Flow of water (t/h) Power (kw) Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)
PFS200 10 0.4 200*200 0.8 0.2 3 1.1 650*380*650
PFS300 10 0.9 300*300 0.8 0.3 6 1.1 700*500*800
PFS400 10 1.6 400*400 0.8 0.3 10 1.5 900*600*1000
PFS400 20 3.2 400*400 0.8 0.3 12 1.2 1100*600*1000
PFS400 32 5 400*400 0.8 0.3 18 2.2 1200*600*1000
PFS400 38 6 400*400 0.8 0.3 21 2.2 1300*600*1000
PFS400 44 7 400*400 0.8 0.3 23 3.0 1350*600*1000
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