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SQB solar centrifugal booster pump is a new product using solar energy as energy, which is composed of SQB solar booster pump, photovoltaic controller and solar panel. After mutual combination and connection, put it in a place with sunlight during the day, start the switch, and it can start to run. It is small flow, high head, mainly used for pipeline pressurization. SQB solar centrifugal booster pump has no self-priming function, so make sure there have water in the pipeline before each use. Adopt the brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor, stainless steel 304 shaft, copper impeller, cast iron pump head, high quality guarantee, long service life.
1, Zero electricity cost. 2, No approval required from electricity supplier as the system is low voltage. 3, Quiet and efficient operation compared to electric surface pumps. 4, The solar pump can be stand- alone (for new installations) or can be retrofitted with an existing mains electric surface pump.
Compare to electric surface booster pump
Description Before After
Pump 1HP, 220-240 V Single Phase AC Mains powered SQB-550w dc solar pool pump with 4 *200w solar panels
Electricity Required (for surface pump) about 250 kWh per month None
Electricity Cost $80 per month None
CO2 Emission 3000 kg per year None
Solar booster water pump
Model Pump Solar Panels Max.Flow(m3/h) Max.Head(m) Outlet Dia. (inch)
Voltage(V) Power(W) Vmp(V) Power(W)
SQB2.0/25-D24/210 24 210 28-36 280-380 2.0 25 1x1
SQB2.2/35-D24/280 24 280 28-36 280-380 2.0 25 1x1
SQB3.0/50-D48/550 48 550 60-72 720-900 3.0 50 1x1
SQB3.0/60-D72/750 72 750 60-72 1000-1250 3.0 60 1x1
SCPS6.6/35-D72/750 72 750 60-72 1000-1250 6.6 35 1.25x1
SJET2.7/45-D48/550 48 550 60-72 720-900 2.7 45 1x1
SJET3.0/55-D72/750 72 750 60-72 1000-1250 3.0 55 1x1
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