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How to solve the problem of the filter cloth clogging?

2021-05-12 17:19:13

How to solve the problem of the filter cloth clogging?

The filter cloth is very important filtering device for filter press, depending on the material characteristics of the cloth used by itself, after use the cloth for a long time, it will cause clogging of the filter cloth, it maybe caused by pore size and pore interfaces of filter cloth, but most are not effective cleaning done, resulting in the accumulation of the mixture, serious direct impact on the poor filtering effect filter device, thus affecting the efficiency of solid-liquid separation.

So how to prevent this problem?

Filter cloth cleaning method should be:

1. For alkaline filter cloth, when cleaning, use weak acid solution soaking.

2. For acidic filter, when cleaning, use weak lye soaking.

Soak for 1-2 days. or

1. Use high-pressure water to clean.

2. Use cloth washing machine, adding cleaning agents;

3. Use hydrochloric acid or citric acid wash;

4. Use caustic soda or hydrogen peroxide to clean;

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