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1 Adopts excellent hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing technology to greatly improve the performance and service life of the pump.

2Because the shaft seal is made of cemented carbide and fluorine rubber mechanical seal, it can improve the reliability of the pump operation and the temperature of the conveying medium.

3the flow part of the pump is made of stainless steel plate stamping and welding, so that the pump can be applied to mildly corrosive media.

4the overall structure is compact, small volume, light weight, low noise, significant energy saving effect, easy maintenance.

5 The inlet and outlet of the pipeline centrifugal pump are located on the same horizontal line of the pump seat, which can be directly used in the pipeline.

6the use of standard motor, users can be easily equipped with the motor according to the need.

7Equipped with intelligent protector according to user needs, the pump dry rotation, phase loss, overload and other effective protection.


1 Industrial Liquid conveying: cooling and air-conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensing system,machine-associated purpose, acids and alkali.

2 Water Supply: water filter and transport in waterworks, boosting of main pipeline, boosting in high-rise buildings.

3 Water Treatment: ultra filtration system, Reverse Osmosis System..

4 Distillation System, separator, swimming pool.

5 Industrial Boosting: process flow water system, cleaning system, high-pressure washing system, fire fighting system.

6 Irrigation: Farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, dripping irrigation.

Model Power(Kw) Flow(m3/h) Head(m) Speed(r/min)
CDLF2-30 0.37 2 22 2900
CDLF2-40 0.55 30
CDLF2-50 0.55 37
CDLF2-60 0.75 45
CDLF2-70 0.75 52
CDLF2-80 1.1 60
CDLF2-90 1.1 67
CDLF4-100 2.2 4 80 2900
CDLF4-110 2.2 88
CDLF4-120 3 96
CDLF4-130 3 104
CDLF4-140 3 112
CDLF8-150 5.5 8 135 2900
CDLF8-160 5.5 144
CDLF8-170 7.5 153
CDLF8-180 7.5 162
CDLF12-150 11 12 151 2900
CDLF12-160 11 162
CDLF12-170 11 172
CDLF12-180 11 183
Remark The above model only a part of all models of pump we have.
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