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1 Large processing capacity, small size, large capacity dirt loading.

2Convenient to replace the filter bag, no necessary to clean industrial juice filter/bag filter, saving time and labor.

3Small bag side leakage probability, powerful guarantee filter quality.

4Bag filter machine can bear a greater work pressure, small pressure loss, low operation cost, energy-saving effect.

5 High filtration precision, suitable for any tiny particles or suspended solids.

6Wide application:can be used for coarse filtration, medium filter or fine filter. Compared with frame fine filter, cartridge filter, raw water pre-filter and fine filter and other devices, low investment, longer lifetime and low operation cost, filter bag can be used repeatedly.

7Basket of bag filter machine is made of perforated mesh, with molding, polishing, the impurities won’t stick with it.

8The inner and outside surface is being polishing treatment,smooth and even,simple and convenient to clean,saving time and labor cost.

9Several options for your choice, you can add pump,mobile car or connecting pipes,convenient for you to use,flexible, diverse installation.


1 Food and beverage industry: beer, wine, wine, sake, liquor, wine, fruit juice, bottled water, tea drinks, soy milk, syrup, dairy products, food additives, etc.

2 Pharmaceutical industry: a variety of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration etc.

3 Textile, printing and dyeing, paper making industry: spinning liquid, dyes, flux, water, additives, adhesives filter.

4 Car paint, painting industry: paint, electrophoretic paint, pre-treatment fluid, paint and paint raw materials and solvent filtration.

5 Petrochemical industry: all kinds of lubricants and oil, glue, chemical fiber manufacturing process of various solution was filtered.

6 Oil and gas industry: amine desulfurization, dehydration flux filter, oil field water, completion fluid filtration.

7 Other liquid filtration.

Model Model of filter bag Quantity of filter bag(pcs) Filter area(m2) Inlet/Outlet(mm) Working pressure(Mpa) Max.flow(m3/h)
SF-2P2S #2 2 1.0 50 0.2-0.5 70
SF-3P2S #2 3 1.5 50 0.2-0.5 100
SF-4P2S #2 4 2.0 100 0.2-0.5 140
SF-5P2S #2 5 2.5 150 0.2-0.5 175
SF-6P2S #2 6 3.0 200 0.2-0.5 210
SF-7P2S #2 7 3.5 200 0.2-0.5 240
SF-8P2S #2 8 4.0 250 0.2-0.5 280
SF-10P1S #1 10 5.0 250 0.2-0.5 350
SF-12P1S #1 12 6.0 300 0.2-0.5 420
SF-14P1S #1 14 7.0 300 0.2-0.5 490
SF-16P1S #1 16 8.0 300 0.2-0.5 560

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