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Centrifuge-Pre Sale

2021-03-12 15:49:54

Q: How to select the suitable model centrifuge?

A: We will help you select the suitable model based on material conditions and clients requirement.

Datas we need:

1) what material to be processed?

2) Processing capacity:__m3/h or __kg/h?

3) Solid content in the material:__%?(by weight or by volume)

4) Particle size of the solid:__micron?

5) Filtering temperature of the material:__?

6) PH of the material:__?

7)The nature of the resulting solid (granular, brittle, tough, breakable, crack, sticky, spreadable, cemented)

8) Viscosity of the material:__?

Analyze and propose separation plan according to customer’s site conditions and customer requirements, including material analysis, product selection, process scheme, configuration scheme and so on.