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1 Compact structure, the dehydrator contains electric control cabinet, metering tank, flocculation mixing tank and the main body of the dehydrator, small design, easy to adapt to local conditions, can reduce the removal The water machine itself occupies the space and the construction cost.

2 Small space, easy to repair and replace; Small weight, easy to handle.

3 With self-cleaning function. There is no need to clean the filter joints to prevent blockage, reducing the washing water consumption and reducing the internal circulation burden.

4 It is good at dewatering oily sludge and has the function of sludge thickening, so it does not need thickening and storage unit, reducing the overall occupation space and construction cost of sewage treatment facilities.

5 Adopt low speed screw extrusion technology, screw shaft speed is about 2~3 RPM, very low power consumption.

6 less failure, low noise and vibration, safe operation.

7 Through the automatic control device of the electric control cabinet, it is connected with the foaming machine, mud pump, dosing pump, etc., from the transportation of sludge, injection of liquid medicine, concentrated dehydration, to the discharge of mud cake. Realize 24 hours continuous unmanned operation, reduce the cost of workers.

8 The routine maintenance is short and easy.

9 The body is almost all made of stainless steel, which can prolong the service life to the maximum extent.

10 Replacement parts only screw shaft and swimming ring, long service cycle.

Working Flow

1 Concentration: When the screw pushes the axis to rotate, the multiple solid and active lamination located on the periphery of the pushing axis moves relatively. Under the action of gravity, water filters out from the relatively moving lamination gap, achieving rapid concentration.

2 Dehydration: the concentrated sludge moves forward with the rotation of the spiral axis; Along the outlet direction of the mud cake, the pitch of the spiral axis gradually decreases, the gap between the rings also gradually decreases, and the volume of the spiral cavity shrinks constantly. Under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure is gradually increased, and the water in the sludge is extruded and discharged under the continuous operation of the spiral driving shaft, and the solid content of the filter cake is constantly rising, and the continuous dehydration of sludge is finally realized.

3 Self-cleaning: the rotation of the spiral shaft drives the moving ring to rotate constantly. The equipment relies on the movement between the fixed ring and the moving ring to realize the continuous self-cleaning process, so as to skillfully avoid the blockage problem commonly existed in the traditional dehydrator.

City mixed raw sewage,Food & beverage industry,Chemical industry,Leather & tannery sewage,Paper & pulp sewage,Elecro-plating sewage,Pringting & dyeing sewage,Power plant,Petrochemical industry
Model D.S Sludfe treatment Capacity(kg/h) Quantity of Screw(pcs) Power(kw) Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) Operation weight(KGS)
SFDL101 5-7 1 0.36 1850*740*1040 315
SFDL131 10-14 1 0.36 2000*785*1040 395
SFDL201 15-20 1 0.55 2510*900*1300 540
SFDL202 30-40 2 1.29 2560*1050*1300 660
SFDL203 45-60 3 1.66 2610*1285*1300 1010
SFDL301 50-70 1 1.3 3330*1005*1760 1300
SFDL302 100-140 2 2.25 3530*1290*1760 2000
SFDL303 150-210 3 3.35 3680*1620*1760 2700
SFDL304 200-280 4 4.1 3830*2010*1760 3600
SFDL351 100-120 1 1.85 4005*1100*2130 2000
SFDL352 200-240 2 3.3 4390*1650*2130 3250
SFDL353 300-360 3 4.8 4520*1980*2130 4600
SFDL354 400-480 4 5.9 4750*2715*2130 5700
SFDL401 130-160 1 2.6 4680*1110*2100 4200
SFDL402 260-320 2 4.5 4960*1760*2100 6000
SFDL403 270-450 3 6.7 5010*2585*2100 8000
SFDL404 390-480 4 8.2 5160*3160*2100 9500
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