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1 Large processing capacity The maximum processing capacity of each sieve can reach 1.75T sugar paste or 1.088m3 of corresponding materials, and the maximum working cycle per hour can reach 20~22 times. high work efficiency, good quality of finished products.

2Base and frame with optimized design of large-diameter profiled steel pipe It has good rigidity and strong strength, and can effectively bear the dynamic load of the centrifuge that changes from time to time, so that the vibration of the whole machine in operation is very small, enough to meet the design requirements of amplitude ≤ 0.06.

3Adopt the SKF bearing as the support of the whole rotating system The automatic alignment is good and the operation is stable, so it has wide adaptability to materials and can be widely applied to different working conditions in different plants.

4The screen basket is made of SAF2205 duplex stainless steel. High strength, good corrosion resistance, long service life, in line with the high standards of food, medicine and other industries. At the same time, through precision dynamic balance verification, the eccentric load is low, the operation is stable, and the swing is very small.

5 It can directly observe the change of honey discharge in each separation process of the centrifuge, and help users better modify and set the best working parameters of the centrifuge according to the actual situation to achieve the optimal working conditions.

6Full automation operation, the working state of the machine during the whole operation process can be displayed on the touch screen, so that the progress of each working condition of the machine is clear at a glance.

7It has superior performance, low noise, large torque, good acceleration performance, can effectively shorten each working cycle, and has high work efficiency. It is especially suitable for the working conditions where centrifugal motor loads are often changeable. At the same time, after adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, it can regenerate and generate electricity when speed is reduced It can be fed back to the power grid to achieve the purpose of both decelerating braking and renewable energy.

8The screen basket drum is made of duplex stainless steel. High strength, good corrosion resistance, long service life, meeting the high standard requirements of food, medicine and other industries.


1 Sugar paste in the sugar industry.

2 Other food and chemical industries, such as glucose, xylose and xylitol, fructose, sodium sulfate, citric acid, salt, etc.

Model Basket diameter(mm) Height of basket(mm) Max.loading volume(L) Max.speed(rpm) Max.separation factor
SXL1100 1300 1000 680 1350 1357
SXL1300 1360 1050 840 1300 1287
SXL1500 1500 1100 973 1150 1100
SXL1750 1600 1100 1088 1100 1084
SXL2000 1600 1250 1236 1100 1084
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