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1 Moisture content of discharged material≤ 10%, 80% material reduction.

2Dehumidification ratio 1:4.2, exceeds industry standards.

3Low temperature operation, safe and reliable, no dust and explosion hazard.

4Closed structure, No deodorization, No odor emissions.

5 100% heat utilization, no heat loss.

6 Using ultra-efficient dehumidification drying process, low operation running cost.

7Stable performance and durable,long service life.


1 Special for filter cake drying.

Product Parameter (with heat source supply)
Model YR5000 YR10000 YR15000 YR20000 YR25000
Standard water removal capacity/24H 5000kg 10000kg 15000kg 20000kg 25000kg
Water removal capacity/H 208kg 416kg 624 kg 832 kg 1040 kg
Operation power per hour(Kw) 13kw 26kw 39kw 52kw 65kw
Quantity of drying modular 1pcs 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs 5pcs
Processing capacity(60%→30%)/day 11.7T 23.4T 35.1T 46.8T 58.5T
Energy consumption(60%→30%)/T 26.7 kw.h
Processing capacity(80%→30%)/day 7T 14T 21T 28T 35T
Energy consumption(80%→30%)/T 44.6 kw.h
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